Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thanksgiving weekend on the Sunshine Coast

My brother invited us to visit his family for Thanksgiving weekend. They're living in Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. So even if we didn't miss them, we would have jumped at the chance.

By the way, it is SO nice to be invited somewhere.

The boys were really excited to be reunited with their Canadian cousins.

We hung out for a bit, and then we went to Davis Bay.

Son David (henceforth Brother Dave shall be known as Dave, Son David as David) complained about the texture of the sand.

But I don't know, the rocks are pretty fun too.

And the pier makes for some dramatic pictures.

The kids threw rocks in the water from the beach, and then amused themselves running to the shore, picking up the biggest rocks they could carry and then dropping them off the pier to try and get the biggest splash possible.

The pier is enclosed on three sides, but the longest side, the side that opens to the deepest part, is open. That's super stressful for people herding little kids.

So mum, just don't look at this next picture :)

We decided that before we lost someone into the ocean, and before me or Dave had a heart attack, we would go to the store across the road and buy some gelato.

I think everyone was exhausted - we had a bunch of zombies eating their gelato.

We knew that Saturday was supposed to be miserable. It was nice to enjoy the sunshine while it lasted...