Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Parting is never sweet sorrow

So like, if everyone I love could all just live close to me so that I can see you whenever I want and not see you whenever I want and we could all just hang out and play boardgames and eat delicious food and go for walks in beautiful places, that would be great.

We missed our ferry. Of course we did. It as thanksgiving weekend and we only allowed ourselves 75 minutes for the 15 minute drive.

I'd like to say we hung out in Gibsons for a couple hours, then made our way back to the ferry, but in reality, we got there by 9 and just barely squeaked onto the 12:35 ferry.

Luckily, there's a Wheatberries and it was open (hallelujah!)

I had an extra large, triple shot hazelnut latte.

Then we got on the ferry. One day, I'm gonna get to sit outside the whole ride.

But, the weather was gorgeous. And I got to take pictures.

But some of us were a little cold.

So we went in.

Then, because I was starving, we stopped in Horseshoe Bay and strolled around looking for food.

Nope, no food there...

No food there either...

We got pizza and sandwiches (depending on our age), and then we ate outside and played.

I guess if we had to come home, this was an okay homecoming...