Friday, October 23, 2009

The weather was so nice last Sunday that in the afternoon we decided to head to the beach for a long walk. After all, this is BC and you never know how many non-rainy weekends are in store for fall/winter. Or any time of year for that matter!

The Dr. Who booth very close to where we always park.

Some fall colour.
These hydrangeas were so beautiful. I'm going to have to figure out my backyard this year so I can plant a bush or two myself!

We walked right down to the end of the beach where the stairs and bridge are, and then we played. There was a big pile of gravel that the kids had a great time climbing up and jumping off.

My big five year old was being such a ham :)

After he'd finished posing, David threw some rocks in the water.

Wow. STRONG boy!

Then David and Andrew had to go for a little stroll so Elisabeth took over being my model.

Also a little ham!!

Both my kids are all about jumping right now.

The tide was coming in pretty fast, so it was time to turn around and find our boys. On our way there were too many signs of fall to ignore. You know, it really is my favorite time of year!

Oh dear, what could have Elisabeth looking so shocked?

And a little worried?

ugh. okay, I see it now. Yuck!