Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Egg Drop Container

David's class had a little Easter Exercise on April 1st. We had to build a container which would hold a raw egg. This container would be dropped from the roof of the school and the point was for the egg to stay in one piece after it was dropped.

Andrew was very excited about this project. Perhaps moreso than David was. After some careful research and digging through the supplies in our garage, they decided to use this wipes box.

We had some spare styrofoam type stuff that he layered in the box, and then carved out a little egg shaped niche. They tested it to make sure the egg would survive. Once they were sure it would, David painted the box red. And dictated to Andrew what else the box should say.

"Drop with care" was my idea.

As was drawing on the egg to make him look like a crash test dummy.