Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Among the adventures we had with Andrew's parents was a trip to Fort Langley. It was a stunningly gorgeous day with warm temperatures (something we didn't really have again after that).

We walked past the pet supply store (I only just realized that it moved to a new location. All this time I've been mourning that it had disappeared from Fort Langley, even though we walked past this dog - and the new store - several times!)

Then we stopped at the Fort Toy Store. It's always a favorite.

As it turns out, Elvis made a couple of appearances while the Ems were here!

Then, Leona discovered the stores! While she, Bill and Andrew perused the Cranberry store, I took pictures of the kids out on the pea gravel in the courtyard.

One day I'd like to head to Fort Langley and just take pictures - you know, like I did with my photo club back in February. There is so much scope for the imagination there!

Then we split up. Andrew, his dad and the kids went for a walk while Leona and I continued shopping.