Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And of course we couldn't have house guests without dragging them to Sendall Gardens. We brought a picnic and had lunch!

Despite the sunshine, it was a tad chilly. But the flowers were absolutely gorgeous. The rhodos were in full bloom and there were still a few of the spring blossoms to be seen as well.

This tree is absolutely amazing. Coppery orange leaves on one side, and green on the other. Very shimmery and beautiful.

I had no idea there were so many rhodo colours. Makes me think I was a little boring by choosing red ones for my yard.

I love woodsy looking gardens. My long term plan for our backyard includes digging out under the big cedars on the west side of our yard and putting in some shade loving flower beds. Then, on the northeast side, I'd like to have a little woodsy area. These flowers would be perfect...if only I knew what they were...

We had to stop and visit Mr. Sendall while we were in the garden.

Here's Leona with one of the HUGE rhododendron bushes in the park.

We spotted some berries that looked as if they might even be ripe. Darren says they might be salmon berries.

Elisabeth was very interested.

Then we walked around the forest. Check out these twisty vines growing up this tree.

Back to the garden portion and David and Elisabeth played in the pea gravel. What is it with kids, cats and pea gravel?!