Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Tea, Trip to the Airport and a Stop in Steveston!

Last week Andrew was in Texas for a software conference. Luckily, Andrew's absence coincided with my dad's stop over in between trips so we weren't completely alone. Andrew came home on Friday so we decided to surprise him with a little party. Here's the banner the kids painted and some decorations we hung.

And of course it wouldn't have been a party without cupcakes!

Once we had everything set up, we dropped David off at Kathi & Cody's and headed to the airport to drop my dad off. It was a beautiful morning and we enjoyed the sunshiney drive.

Next stop was the Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea. We were greeted at the door by our child, who then led us to a table covered in mother's day hats. Next, they performed three songs. Then each child found his or her mother and asked her to dance as they sang a final song. It was hard to keep the tears in, let me tell you! Then Mrs. Rutter and Miss K played a little video for us. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house!

After the video we made sundaes together and opened gifts the kids had made in class. What a wonderful thing to do for us mothers. Here's David with his sundae.

And Jade with her sundae. If you look at the picture of David and the picture of Jade, they are smiling the same smile!

Kathi and her daughter!

Me and my piggies :)

A little questionnaire David filled out about me. I love how he put perogies as my favorite food! Hah :)

And a picture of the two of us.

After the party we headed back to the airport to pick up Andrew. From my previous three visits (!) I knew that there was a lot to see inside the airport. So we went a little early and checked out the sites. Here's Ellie in the Olympic Store.

And both kids outside the store.

The first time I went to the airport last week I actually got lost! And I am at the airport a lot compared to most people. But I guess that lately I stick to the domestic side of things. There are so many new stores and things to see, it was kind of fun! This is outside the Aquarium Store.

And outside a Canadian Arts & Crafts store.

After we'd looked around a little, we went upstairs to see the new observatory. You can watch planes take off and land.

Plus there are telescopes. And you don't even have to pay to use them! Sweet.

Back downstairs, in the food court, there's a little toddler play area. I loved the castle and the sea gulls.

Once we'd collected Andrew, we decided we'd better kill some time. Andrew had to get up at 1 am our time in order to catch his flight from Dallas to Toronto. Since he landed here at 2 pm we wanted to distract Andrew so he'd stay awake till a better bedtime. The weather was so nice we headed to Steveston.

And the following pictures are for my brother, Dave. I've been trying to persuade him to take his honey there for a date for months.

Papi's Market:

We had fish and chips for lunch on the top floor of this building. We had the corner table in the atrium all to ourselves. Best view in the house and we were protected from the ocean breeze. It was perfect!

Elisabeth must have missed her Daddy. She barely let go of him all day!

Strolling back to Papi's Market.

The meat looked good in here, but I have to say the rest of the products were a little disappointing. I like a deli to have real European products but this was more boutique style stuff. Barefoot Contessa and brands like that.

The Prickly Pear Garden Store.

And the Cannery. One day we'll do a tour. I bet it would be very interesting.

Outside one of the coolest toy stores in the Lower Mainland!

Have I mentioned I love owls? Elisabeth pointed this store out to me. She's got a good eye!

And later we chilled out to some Wallace and Gromit.