Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Queen Elizabeth Park and Granville Island

Our last trip, on holiday Monday, was to Queen Elizabeth Park. We'd never been there before but Leona had heard that the park was pretty phenomenal. And it was!

There are some of these growing in a ditch near our house. I've always wondered what on earth they are, but because they look like rhubarb, I call them the giant rhubarb. Turns out, that's what they're called! Leona was fascinated by them too and wanted a pic. So I made her and Andy stand with them for scale. They're pretty neat plants. But not for making giant pies with apparently :(

Hopping across the rocks at the waterfall.

And taking a break on the way up the stairs.

We went inside the Bloedel Conservatory. There were so many amazing kinds of flowers, plants, trees and birds. David really liked these ones.

I really liked the feathers on this bird!

And all the orchids.

All the birdies were pretty cute too.

I was excited to see these plantains. What a crazy flower they grow on!

Then we walked up to the dancing fountain.

And posed at the lookout point.

Then we strolled back down the hill and had a picnic. Last time we were here, I think I was pregnant with David and at a game at Nat Bailey Stadium. Okay, the only other time I've been here....

There was lots of day left, so we headed to Granville Island to stroll around the market.

Where I spotted some fiddleheads. Funny because we'd just been talking about them. I remember trying these when I was about tink's age. In my memory they were delicious. Next spring I'll come back and buy some to try again.

The flower market is my favorite, yet I've never bought anything there. And no, I didn't see any banana plants.

I know most people would be creeped out by these buskers, but they were actually really sweet. And they could sing too!

Then we walked to the docks to check out the house boats. As it turns out, it was a gorgeous afternoon.