Thursday, August 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Elisabeth!

It's hard to believe my little bellbell is four! I know I say it often, but it's really so true - our children grow up far too quickly. I feel like I hardly have time to savour any of our time it's whipping by so fast!

Considering David and Jade are only eight and a half months apart, it's no surprise that they get along so well. What does surprise me is how much Ashlie and Elisabeth get along. There's six years between them and yet Ashlie does such a good job of playing with and entertaining her. After playing together all day, they begged for a sleepover. So we got rid of David and Ashlie and Elisabeth slept in the guest room. They stayed up late watching movies then woke up at the crack of dawn to start all over again. Aren't they cute?!

We had decided not to have a birthday party for Elisabeth this year. It really wasn't in the budget and David never got friend parties - or at least not big parties. So we scheduled a play date and were pleasantly surprised when our friends showed up with cake, a present and card and insisted that the cousins come over too so it really would seem like a special day for Elisabeth.

Here's her cake - without knowing or realising it, Tara made exactly the cake Elisabeth had asked for. And it was DELICIOUS!

Then Uncle Dave came over and insisted on an impromptu photo session with the birthday girl and our giant sunflower.