Thursday, August 12, 2010


Oh Elle, you're so cute. I just had to post this picture!

We've had a lot of houseguests in the past 12 months. We counted it up the other day and wow, we should start charging ;) Actually, we love having visitors and we're getting pretty good at hosting too. Which is why I feel so awful about our last batch of house guests. I didn't cook once while they were here. I was at my sloppy, laziest with them (and they are the world's best hosts, so it makes it even more embarassing!) but I'm going to say it's because I was just so giddy with excitement to have them out here, that I forgot all my manners.

My camera was still being idiotic, so most of these pictures are courtesy of them. THANKS!

So, we met at Esquires. Which is kind of funny since S is a die hard Starbucks fan. Hah hah. But Esquires is *my* favorite so it worked out pretty well.

Then we went for a walk along the ocean. See, I told you I was giddy with excitement. I love my bestie!!
David was very excited to have one of his favorite uncles out for a visit!

Then, for old time's sake, we went to the Cactus Club. If my kids look tired it's because it was about 930 by this time and they were troopers for being so good all this time!

The next day we went to the Honeybee Centre. I'd never been before, so it was fun to check the place out.

I wonder if they do parties?

Then we went to the Surrey Museum to check out the Lego Pirate exhibit.

And in keeping with the theme, we went to White Spot for Pirate Paks! Sweet (see, I told you, I didn't do a THING this trip!)