Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Picnic by the River - or Day Trip to Chilliwack, Part One

Somehow, I didn't do as many cool things this summer as I thought I would. Maybe we were tired after Whistler, or maybe we just got caught up in doing chores. Whatever the reason, it made us that much more excited to head to Chilliwack this day. We pulled up at Natasha's house to find Grandpa Brad (or Farmer Brad as one of his gkids calls him!) giving the kids rides on his scooter. I could tell David really wanted to try but was a little bit nervous. Maybe next year?

Then we all packed up our kids and headed to the Heron Park. I have yet to explore all the trails there, but we got to see quite a bit of the park this day. First we climbed to the top of the viewing tower.

And back down again!

And then we tried to find a spot along the beach to eat and throw rocks. Mayah ended up carrying everything (thanks Mayah!)

But when we got to the usual spot, the beach was gone!

I know exactly how you feel, David!

So we kept walking and eventually we found a good spot.

(This girl is SASSY! Just check out that hand on her hip!)
The three muskateers plotted.

And then we threw rocks.

Gosh, Tinky looks sad here. I think it's just the light!

And all too soon it was time to leave.