Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's like a new house!

After Labour Day, Elisabeth and I are going to be watching a 19 month old boy in the mornings. We decided that it made sense to turn our den/office into a toddler safe playroom. I was kind of sad to do this since that was the one room in the house where I felt like I'd actually decorated and fitted my furniture to make look good. But, I also didn't want anyone to get hurt or toys broken so we went ahead with the plan.

It's a fuzzy picture, but here's the new playroom. My kids love it.

We rearranged David and Elisabeth's room and put some decals up on the wall.

Then we moved everything that had been into the den into the living room. And wow, I feel like I have a new house. I'd hated our fireplace since we moved in and been completely frustrated with the scale of the room. But now I kinda like it...

The kitchen didn't really change, except that we got this art desk from Jade and Ashlie. Again, the kids haven't stopped drawing since we put it in here.

Here's another view of the living room.


Anonymous said...

Looking great, love the look of the living room!