Thursday, June 08, 2017

We have an MVP!

Both of our homestay students are incredibly smart. One, Tommy, is on a 5 year plan to graduate with a PhD. Our other student, Larry, plays an insane amount of basketball. By which I mean he played on the Jr A and the Senior basketball teams at his school this year. He also played intramural, volunteered at the girls' games and played every lunch and after school and ran camps at the elementary school.

So it was no surprise when we got an email from the school letting us know he'd won an award and we were invited to an awards ceremony.

Having no experience with high school students, we had no idea that most parents don't attend these functions. Unless they're coaching. Oh well, Larry and his friends happily sat at our table and we were thrilled for our boy.

Larry goes into grade 11 next year, which I think means he can only play on the senior team. That's gonna be a change, except I'm positive he'll find ways to involve himself in lots of other basketball.

Congratulations Larry!