Thursday, June 22, 2017

What do you do when it's sports day, your team's colour is red and you literally have nothing red to wear? Go for serious jock.

 While Lizzie was workin' up a sweat, I drove to Point Roberts for the second time in a week to pick up a teacher gift. Everyone wants to fill up on gas in Point Roberts...

 Then, we took Tommy up Grouse Mountain cause it was time to use those passes.

What a beautiful day to be on the mountain.

 We were really excited.

 Our friends were meeting us at the top, so we hung out here to admire the view.

 And a light snooze.

 And then we went off to enjoy some snow!

 The bears are up, so we went in search of them too.

 We found them too.

 Then I built a snowman.

 Which Tommy promptly stole and attempted to kill.

 By this time the bugs were coming out. Our late winter means that the little black flies are late out, and they are HORRID this season. We tried to sit on the balcony but Griffin and I didn't last long before we had to run in and hide.

 I was a little late making it to the car, and Tommy was missing when I got there. ha ha ha.