Saturday, June 24, 2017


I happened to see that the Alumni Department was having a meet up at one of the Lion's preseason games. You know I was ALL OVER that!

 I guess we kind of missed the meet up. I didn't really know who the other alumni were, but that's okay. The game was awesome. SO MUCH action.

 And we were actually really close, so we got to see some of my favorite players up close.

 Course, you can't really get any good shots of the game from up in the stands, so we just took selfies.

 Using an upside down popcorn bucket as a drum.

Also, at the game I found out that you can get a kids' pass to the Lions' games for $10. Actually, all summer, kids tickets are $5. But for $10 you get a whole bunch of team loot and a free ticket. Then I found out that tickets are buy 2 get 2 in the entertainment book. So we'll be at another game before you know it!