Sunday, June 18, 2017

Stuff happens

Tommy had a birthday and we couldn't celebrate right away - end of the school year meant a lot of school work for him, plus concerts and other obligations. But we wanted to mark the day somehow. This is how I decided to do it.

That same day, David had an end of year field trip to Crescent Beach. Literally the worst weather for a beach field trip, but it looked like the kids had fun. It was soooo cold though. Like, really really cold. And wet.

David's friend Aarne found a crab!

We ended up spending a lot of time wandering around. David seemed like he'd rather wander with me than sit in the cold with his friends. Which was fine with me.

Finally Tommy had time to celebrate. We had the family over for presents and cake.

Tommy asked to cut the cake. For a math/science person, I wasn't sure about his cake cutting skills...

Then Lizzie had a dance recital. We decided to take advantage of being east and visit the Abelmans. Seth is growing like a weed.

David didn't want to go to the recital so we left him with Seth.

Pretty sure he had way more fun there.

Meanwhile, in Abbotsford...

Darren getting the fire going.

Then it was Father's Day. We bought Andrew a case of rootbeer - assorted varieties.

And we went to the movies. In a weird twist, we saw two movies in one day!

Wonder Woman was amazing. I loved it.

Think we're excited for Despicable Me 3?

After dinner, it was time for Cars 3. Also good, though not the plot line I was expecting!

And it stirred a strong desire to go to the races.