Monday, March 09, 2015

A weekend with Dad: Part One

My dad stopped in Langley on his way to Switzerland. Though the reason for his midwinter trip to the Lower Mainland sucked, I think it was good for everyone to get to spend some time together and do fun things. You never know when this visit will be your last visit.

Friday happened to be a pro-d day, so I decided I was going to drag dad to Capilano Suspension Bridge. Whether he wanted to come or not. He was a little hesitant about coming, especially when he found out how much admission is, but by the end of the day he was singing their praises. It really is a fun place to visit!

Of course a trip to CSB is not complete without the group shot in the picture frame :)

 And I'm still in love with all the Native art around the park.

 We were blessed with amazing weather for our trip, it was cool but not cold, sunny but with enough clouds to make for gorgeous pictures, and despite the fact that it was a pro-d day, the park wasn't busy at all.

 As you can see, Elisabeth is warming up to this place.

 Of course we always have to take a picture with the bear too.

Obligatory fake old people shot.

 And then we added an old person to the shot.

 So after I got all those obligatory shots out of the way, we headed to the cliff walk. Elisabeth is cool as a cucumber on here.

 Dad on the other hand was so scared, he had to ham it up to try to hide his fear.

 See him crying like a baby cause he was scared the ice would split the rocks where the holder onner thingies keep the cliff walk from falling?

 He's still crying. And now Elisabeth is laughing at him.

 But David was more than happy to ham it up. And again, let me stress how nice it was to be here when we had the place to ourselves...we were free to take as many pictures as we wanted without annoying anyone.

 Can you see why we love this place? It's so beautiful. And I know a lot of people like the free suspension bridges better...I'm sure they're just as beautiful. And one day I will visit them and love them too. But right now, I love the board walks and the steps and the gazebos and the hot chocolate stand and all the educational stuff all over the place. Different strokes, people.

 Ahem. Please compare this to the FIRST TIME I took her picture here...

 This is old hat for them now.

 Can you see the waterfall at the corner of the river? It was gushing like mad. I really wanted to make it to the Cleveland Dam to see what it looked like with all the water fall, but we ran out of time.

 I love that my kids love taking pictures as much as I do.

 The walk.
 And here are the nicest public bathrooms around. So clean and pretty.

 Plus, the siding is perfect for taking portraits against.

 Then it was time to cross the big bridge. Again, someone needed to ham it up to hide his fear ;)

 The bridge is so much nicer when you can actually move...

 Victory photo.

 David, pretending to be petrified and Elisabeth pretending to care...

 Dad's next house...I don't see the guest room, but maybe that's the point?

Studying all the educational posts on the other side of the bridge. So cool for an educational field trip...not that I'd want 30 kids under my charge here, but...

 Once you've crossed the suspension bridge, there is a treetop walk you can do. Also a lot of fun, plus they have little exercises (projects? Worksheets?) for the kids to complete while you're wandering. So here the kids are at the weather station completing the first section.

From there it's pretty much just rope bridges and platforms. We like to pretend we're escaping a zombie apocalypse cause apparently they can't climb trees.

 After the tree top adventure we did another walk, but I can't remember what that one's called. But pretty much now you're doing boardwalks along the edge of the ravine/cliff and learning about why trees are important and why you shouldn't draw in someone's house (no graffiti/carving please!)

And all too soon, we were done. Awesome day!


Linda said...

Nice to see all of you having a great time.Thanks for keeping dad preoccupied.Hugs