Sunday, March 08, 2015

A whole bunch of happenings...

Let's just recap February.

Elisabeth and I went on a date. We had soup and sandwiches and the most amazing latte in a MUG (there's something to be said for getting a real mug instead of paper, isn't there?)

 Lizzie got her hair cut, I trimmed David's hair and then we dumped him at a super bowl party and the rest of us went to Chapters. And had more lattes in these massive mugs.

 Ha ha ha just kidding. But aren't they ridiculously huge?

 This beautiful farm is across the road from TWU. I got stuck by a train one day in the perfect spot to snap a picture.

 Classic Elisabeth :)

 David finally got new glasses. This time we ordered them cheap and got two pairs for when we need a spare (let's face it, it was a matter of when not if).

 David and I went on a date. It was a miserable rainy day so of course we took him to the beach to take pictures with our apple products. David brought a lego guy so he could take pictures of said lego guy at the beach.

 David has an Instagram account where he posts his pictures. If you're family, feel free to add him.

Here's a picture of my preteen:

 Also in February, Ada slept over.

 My kids adore their cousins. But as they said at the end of Sunday, 'we don't see her enough. We need to keep her.'

 Anyhoo, first we had breakfast.

Then we headed off to the river for a fire. Time to indoctrinate the youngest members of the family!

 And also eat wieners.

 Ada really got into the eating part.

 Have I mentioned the Goldstone boys love her too?!

 And then David joined us.

 Elisabeth and her friends dressed in their finest for Valentine's Day.