Monday, March 09, 2015

A weekend with Dad: Part Two

So on Saturday (I think?) Ashlie and Jade slept over. Jade and Lizzie went to play at the park, so I brought my camera for a photo shoot.

 Things got a little bit crazy.

 Jade was very disappointed that she's too tall for the monkey bars.

 My little chipmunk <3 p="">
 Jade has grown up so fast. Isn't she beautiful?!

 Kay so I can't comment on all of these pictures. What else can I tell you? We had a big dinner at my house. Chicken and potatoes and pita and tzatziki. It was really delicious. After a while, Dave and his kids had to go home.

 So we plugged in to Pitch Perfect (can you believe I'd never seen it? I think I'm the last person to watch it).

 Which everyone but David enjoyed. He went upstairs to watch Mine Craft videos on YouTube.

 Kay, amuse yourself with this pictures...I'm off to see if I have pictures from Fort Langley...