Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I really like my birthday present

For my birthday Andrew and the kids bought me a new lens. It's a macro lens, which means it's hella fun to play with.

Ten days ago, we had a beautiful Saturday, so I took the camera for a walk.

Have I mentioned it's a lot of fun to play with.

 Yah, so we dragged the kids around (dragged is not accurate, they love walking) for a walk to the forest at the end of our road, then down and through the path up to the baseball diamonds and around to the park.

 Then I left them at the park while I continued on a bit. Don't worry, Andrew stayed with them and I was walking with friends.

 This is Griffin. Doesn't he look handsome with his new haircut?

 So anyway, after the walk, we decided we needed to head to the beach. The whole point was to get a picture of a mural that's behind the boathouse. But we got a little bit distracted.

 The first order of business was to head to the pier and head to the water. We couldn't get there fast enough for the kids who were dying to play.

 Me? I was dying to take pictures. And so I did.

 It kinda feels like forever since we've been here. What on earth did we get up to all winter?

 Early March and it was warm enough to hang out in Jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. I really love living on the south west coast.

 Eventually it was time for dinner, so we got pizza for the kids from Fresh Slice while we got Haddock and Chips. Delicious!

 I got nothing.  Make up your own story to go with the pictures.
But it was a good night.