Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The last day

Actually, that's not true because dad left for Lenk on Sunday. But this is the last batch of pictures I have.

I started the day off by getting my hair cut. So naturally, stupid faced selfie with David to show off new hair:

We met dad and Dave's family at the Best Grill for breakfast/brunch. Everyone took turns passing Ruben around.

 He seems pretty huge for a 3 month old, doesn't he?

 And Ada is DEEEEElighted by him.

 After our monster breakfast, I suggested we go for a stroll in Fort Langley. For mid-February, it was lovely.

 We need to do stuff like this more often. It was such a nice day.

 Andrew injured his foot - possibly while training for the Rock and Roll half we did in October. It still hurts if he walks too much so we did a shortish loop to the end of the houses and over the train bridge.

 As you can see, it was a gorgeous day for a stroll along the river.

 And of course we HAD to stop at the train museum for some pictures.

 This photo op basically fell in my lap. Cause what toddler doesn't want to rush off down a train track when presented with the opportunity?

 And given the terrain, of course mom and dad had to hold her hands.

 Hey presto, sweet family moment.

 Till she decided she was too big and didn't need them anymore, but hey, no one needs to know THAT happened, right?

 This is one of my favorite places in Fort Langley. The kids love it. There's a million opportunities for snapping pictures. And in the summer, the cars are open and you can go inside. One of them has a whole miniature train set up going on. Super fun for kids of all ages.

 And they still want to pose at the end of the train every time we come :)

 Then it was off home for that dinner with the Lyth girls. Ashlie is taller than grosspapa.

 I think he's awfully proud of his oldest grandchild.

 And here are some pictures of Ruben, cause you can never get too much baby.

 Ashlie was like, SERIOUSLY clingy that night. This isn't even the worst of it. Jade was kind of poking fun.

 As she tends to do.