Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The big weekend part two

This is a rehash (sort of) of the big birthday weekend away, only these are the pictures from my camera. So just to recap, we caught a ferry from Horseshoe Bay, sailed to Langdale and then had lunch at Molly's Reach in Gibsons (in my previous post, I omitted the S. Today while researching a store I fell in love with there, I realized there's an S at the end of Gibsons. Oops).

Once we'd shopped a little and then grocery shopped, we headed to our rental suite. It wasn't quite ready for us, so we strolled to the bottom of the yard. THIS was our view:

 This here is the little cottage on the same property.

 And this is looking up from the beach back towards our house. We had the top floor. And that window on the far right was mine.
 This little hobbit hut was under construction still, but apparently there's an author or an artist coming to stay here. So romantic!

 This level was the owner's deck, but I loved how they had it set up. I could imagine myself spending a lot of time out here.
 Another shot of the view from our pad. I love that house on the rocks.

 I think my co-worker Kelli talked about scaling those rocks. Off in the distance is Merry Island. Our landlords kayak out there, or you can catch a little water taxi from a bit farther up the coast.

 This is the deck on the driveway level...before you head down the stairs towards the backyard.

 One last shot up to our house.

 I've been to the Sunshine Coast quite a number of times, but we never really explored all the hidden coves and beaches. It's full of tiny hidden coves and rocky beaches and whimsical little structures like this.

 This is the opposite direction from the aframe.
 Just up the road from us was a little general store and a coffee shop. If you're ever in Halfmoon Bay, the pastries and sandwiches there look delicious. As for me, I can only vouch for the quality of their lattes.

After we'd had lunch on Saturday, we explored Rockwater Cove Resort. I showed you some pictures on my last blog post. Here are a few more where you can see the tents.

(That's Melanie and Kandace who took me on this wonderful retreat).

 Did you notice all the moss everywhere?

 HERE is one of the tents. AMAZING, right?

 From the cove, we drove back past Sechelt on to Davis Bay. It was really windy and the waves were amazing.

 Across the road from the bay, there is a teeny tiny strip mall with an antique mall...sort of. It's little booths and each is owned by a different vendor. With everything from crafts to local artisans, to tools. It's well worth a visit. It ranges from garage sale quality to some real artistic finds.

 There's also a Wheatberries there. Their tea is really, really hot, but the Cowboy Cookies are amazing. PS Chadya, if you're reading this, you showed me this mall. We went antiquing for tea cups there...they don't have much in the way of china any more but it's still worth a stop!

 Back and home and I watched these birds picking through the rocks for supper.

 One of the ladies I travelled with was Melanie, who I met through my Running Room clinics. She is a photo buff like me, and we're actually going to take a photography course together in May. We had a lot of fun taking pictures and playing with our lenses on this trip.

 Sunday was our last day on the coast. In our quest to find Smuggler's Cove, we found this hidden nook, full of cottages. You can see them a little more clearly in these pictures. I can't imagine how amazing it would be to stay here.

 And here are a last few from the hike we did around Smuggler's Cove.
 This beautiful moss was everywhere on the coast. It looks like the sort of thing you'd find under the ocean, but it was mixed in amongst your every day garden variety moss.

 Lovely weekend. I'm so grateful for friends who spoil me like this.