Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend in Victoria

Okay, so this weeding through my pictures is going to be really slow if I keep feeling the urge to blog, but this trip to Victoria was pretty epic.

Last February we decided to spend three days on the island. We stayed at the Embassy Inn, which if you're every looking for somewhere family friendly to stay right down town, is pretty amazing. We got a great rate and it included breakfast for the entire family. Plus, the kids could order anything...a side of bacon and pancakes and hashbrowns or whatever weird combination those weirdos want. PERFECT.

Anyway, we hopped on the ferry and headed for Sidney.

 Of course we have a few favorite haunts which we have to visit every time we go. This time was no exception. The picture in the circle.

 And glass beach (look at this shaggy boy!)

 (look at all this glass!)

 We also visited the Sidney museum and the lego exhibit.
Then it was off to Cattle Point which is one of my favorite places in the universe.

 It seems so piratey to me with the rocks and the cliffs and the crazy vegetation.

 And then we went to Oak Bay. Same rocks, but there are seals and a coffee shop.

Oh, and a marina. Which is just beautiful.

 Day two we headed to Fisgard Lighthouse and Fort Rodd. This is a little bit out of downtown, so you need a car but it's something like $15 admission and we spend hours there.

 Even when it's snowing.

 So Fort Rod is where the navy stationed themselves to protect the island during the second world war. There are guns, and hidey holes and barracks and all kinds of interesting things.

 Fisgaard Lighthouse is beautiful and you can wander through the entire place and see history, try things out and play games. It's awesome.

 The walls of the hideyholes are also perfect for photoshoots :)

 We also went to the museum. It's always a big hit, especially the wooly mammoth. This time there was lady in the natural site, explaining all about local sea life (super interesting).