Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Family Day in Sidney

For family day we decided to visit my brother and his family on the island. Rob suggested we meet in Sidney for the day, there was a lego event going on. What's that you say? Lego? We're there.

We met at the community centre, where there were several activities for the kids to get involved in.

David and I made figures. This is one of his.

Mine's the little guy on the right.

Elisabeth and Charlotte got their faces painted.

3D printing machine.

One of the displays set up for the scavenger hunt.

As usual we went through the museum to have a look at their lego. There were even some new displays in there.

Then to the pier for lunch.

And a jaunt up some hills before heading back to Rob's.

I just realized I don't have the pictures from Rob's house. I'll have to see if I can find some from my phone :( None of Camille or Eireen....