Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pro-D day at Granville Island Market

David and Elisabeth (but not Tommy and Larry) had a pro d day. The Gs joined us and we headed to Granville Island Market (per David's request) for the day.

Elisabeth demanded that we start with a swing on the tire.

 Then, as is tradition, we made our way towards the Kids Market - there is a very good coffee shop there.

The kids hid from the birds in the boat.

 Well, not all the kids.

Me and Griff had enough of hanging out in boats, and so we went into the Kids' Market.

 There's been quite a shift in the shops there, so after a while we got bored and headed to walk around the sea wall.

 Kandace had bought the kids lego characters, so Nate and David had great fun playing with those.

 While these two had more fun playing on the swing.

 Seriously, they played a LONG time.

Then we kept walking.
 Over near the house boats and Emily Carr, there was something weird in the water.

 Griff didn't care about the water.

We stopped for lunch. I had this amazing pizza. But let me tell you. Two pieces was WAY too much.

 Back to the swing.

 I had visions of how this day was supposed to go, and this wasn't it. But the kids were having fun, and they weren't on electronics. So I'll just have to go back to do things my way.

 I thought the kids would love Make. And most of them did. But, well. He had a date to be at and so...