Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Years Traditions

I finally figured out how to get my pictures off the removable hard drive and onto this blog. Don't laugh, sometimes I'm incredibly stupid.

New Years Day we woke up to TONS of snow. The twitterverse was full  of lies about Langley parks all being closed, so we abandoned any idea of having our annual fire at the river. I really can't remember what we did that day (other than text each other complaining about not being at a fire).

But on January 2nd...

We braved the roads. In my memory they were treacherous. Awful. Terrifying. Obviously we've had so much snow and ice since then that they don't seem all that bad anymore.

We arrived at the river and if the campgrounds weren't closed on New Year's Day, they were now. But we snagged the big fire pit and it actually was much nicer. There was sun there for starters. I don't think we would have lasted ten minutes in the shade.

It was windy and very cold, but absolutely beautiful.

Elisabeth chopped wood.

David and Griff bundled up tight and mostly just sat alternately being frozen and eating chips.

They finally decided that it was colder in the quilts than moving around and doing stuff.

Then the kids chased each other around.

We made s'mores.

And that was pretty much that.

It was so cold. But it's tradition.