Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fort Langley in the snow

The weather continued to be cold, but the sun came out and so I took a snow day too and Kandace and I took our children to Fort Langley. There was an awful lot of snow in that part of Langley...

Traditional picture by the barrels.

The walk from the welcome centre into the fort was quite lovely.

Fort Langley is lovely all year. But in the snow....

We had the entire fort  to ourselves. And we all feel very at home there. So it was perfect.

Our first stop was the cooperidge.

One day, I'm going to insist we go the other way around the site. I think it'll freak the kids out completely.

 This is one of my favorite spots here, I take this picture every time.

The ramparts were closed, too much snow, we did manage to go and peek out the windows.

As we continued up towards the big house, we nipped into one of the buildings to watch the movie the fort has put together. It's quite good. I'm not sure what the building is called, but it's after the trading house.

And in there, the kids were able to practice trading their goods.

Then we stopped at the Le'lam coffee shop for a bite.

The gold panning exhibit was closed. Can't understand why...

More snow eating. Hence the belly aches.

Well, that was a pretty good visit. We said good bye to the Gs, and walked into the village.

LOOK at all that snow!

Nope, we're certainly not sick of it YET.