Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tommy and Larry Go Sledding

After we got home from the Fort, I decided the big kids needed to go sledding. So, we headed to the park to get some practice in.

 Everyone seemed to get the hang of things pretty quickly.

 I let them play for a few minutes.

 And when I thought they'd had enough of that hill, I persuaded them to come try this one - a trail down the end of our road (where David and I had walked earlier in the week).

 It looked sufficiently scary for a bunch of teenagers, don't you think?

 There was a lot more crashing than actual sledding.

 But at least they were crashing into ditches and not blackberry bushes.

 David was the one who managed to get speed going.

 And then Nate, Griff and Denis joined us and they added some speed to the adventure too.

 This was a pretty spectacular crash on Griff's part.

 Tommy and Larry had so much fun, Larry insisted on taking us to Starbucks for hot chocolate afterwards as a thank you. I do love having these boys as part of our lives.