Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Another trip to the forest

You really didn't think we'd let spring break pass without a trip to Capilano, did you?

That's just not something I'd do.
Our schedule at work is pretty busy through spring break, but I was able to start work early one day and duke out a little early so that we could head for the hills.

And this time it was at the request of Jade.

Tommy was still on his whirlwind vacation and Larry was at his grandmother's house, so this time I just had the four cousins along with me. Of course it wasn't a sunny day, but that makes it a little less crowded.

Traditional picture with the bear:

Then, as usual, we made our way to the cliff walk.

Jade was unwilling to walk on the glass bits.

but quite willing to pose anywhere else.

My two.

My homework for the week was to take pictures of something in complementary colours. I tried to get the kids to dress in red to complement the forest. They all opted for this wine colour instead.

And then posed like looneys.

Yeah, so no homework shots, but a lot of fun.

Then we dragged Jade across the bridge. She LOVED it.

And if we walked really, really REALLY slow, she even let go for a picture.

But only that long.

I thought it was great.

We made it across the bridge and posed for a picture.

Or two or three.

Their snack hut is beautiful.

Then it was time for more group shots in the forest.

And on to the treetops.

I really wish I hadn't cut David out of this picture :(

After the treetops, it was time to see how we measured up against the trees.