Tuesday, March 21, 2017

MORE snow days!

How many times have I blogged about living on the west coast, and how that means snow never sticks around? Well this winter, not only did it stick around, but we had enough to play in...for a long time.

The kids decided to build forts. Or igloos or something.

David built his into the wall by Kathi and Cody's house.

Jade and Liz started with less of a hill/mound.

Our driveway started to look like we'd actually gotten snow. Those bushes at the end of the driveway were taller than me. They don't look it, but that's just to let you know we really did have snow.

David and I decided to try building a fort in the back yard. Also, I was starting to stress out about the amount of snow on our trampoline.

There's the side view of our snow fort.

I told David we needed a picture of him in the fort and snowing a snowball. This is right before...

Well, if you zoom in and look at the expression on David's face, you can guess what happened next...

I was pretty sure my cheekbone was broken LOL.