Saturday, March 06, 2010

It feels like I'm always playing catch up...

This past week was just a little crazy, but I tried to make more of an effort to document all of our goings on. Also, I know I've been a bit lazy about my writing lately. Sometimes inspiration strikes, or I find myself with a lot to say. Other times I really don't know what to write about and I don't spend much effort. I'm going to try to do better.

So. Without further ado, here is our week in review!

Michelle and I met in university psychology back in 1994. After university, Michelle moved to Korea to teach English. It's been about ten years and Michelle is still in Korea, though now she's writing the curriculum for her school. I think the last time I saw Michelle was in 2002. She spent February in Canada and dedicated an entire day to meeting my kids and hanging out with us. In memory of all those years of studying, we went to White Rock.

It was cold, but beautiful. We didn't stop for coffee, and we didn't bring books to read sitting on the rocks in front of the train tracks. But we enjoyed a nice stroll along the shore and to the end of the pier.

David and Elisabeth remembered how Grosspapa taught them to listen for trains. They were quite upset not to be able to hear or feel anything on the tracks.

The first picture of Michelle and I since...well probably since we had our grad pictures taken together!

This bird looked awfully comfy just sitting on the top of this post. I hope the spring weather holds so we can go back to White Rock during spring break.

There were signs of spring everywhere. See? I really do need to go back with my camera and snap some pictures before the weather turns completely. Apparently there's snow in the forecast for Tuesday!!

There's just something about children and railway tracks. I love it. Would love to do a photoshoot with them in retro gear...hmn...
Wednesday was my birthday. It was also 100 day at school. And open house for report card week. So Elisabeth and I stayed to help with kindergarten and to enjoy the 100 day cake. MNN what a great way to start my birthday!

After school, David had a playdate with Sam and Jun, two little boys from his class. When their moms arrived to pick them up, they brought me a cake. Isn`t the packaging for it gorgeous?

And my brother Dave, bought sushi and tiramisu for me for lunch. So I was well and truly spoiled, as well as well and truly caked! Luckily, all three were delicious!

I ended my birthday by heading to the Clova Cinema with some friends to catch a double feature of chick flicks. Perfect!

Ashlie came over this week so I grabbed the opportunity to snap some pictures of her. It's been too long since I've had a photoshoot with her.

With the warmer weather, the kids have rediscovered our balcony. Elisabeth cleaned up the kitchen and they spent one evening playing restaurants.

Elisabeth found a little notebook and took great pleasure in taking orders. The only trouble is, going to their restaurant is like going to grandma's - you don't get to stop eating till you've eaten everything in stock!

On Friday Jade came over for a few hours. We made a trip to Potters to get dirt and some seeds, had lunch and then played outside.

And this morning I was rushing out to a photography club meeting. The kids decided to come out with me and wait...and play Olympics while we waited. David had his flag, some chairs, a suitcase...and all of his sports equipment.

I made Andrew take a picture with me before I left - somebody should tell me that the Blue Steel is so 2001...
The magnolia tree is coming along nicely. I can't wait for it to bloom...though I'm really hoping that the weather doesn't take a turn for the more wintery all of a sudden.

Our traditional Roll up the Rim pictures:

And finally, more fun in the sun this afternoon. Jade and Elisabeth played together while everyone else indulged in some road hockey.

And I madly snapped pictures.

Hmn. It's easier to stop the ball if you're not actually IN the goal, ellie.

And then we ended the day with a quick trip to the library. My photoshop elements 7 book for dummies finally arrived. I guess I'll finally find out if I think the program is worth using or not. So far I think it doesn't offer much more of interest to me then Picasa does...