Thursday, March 25, 2010

Springtime in Chilliwack

I've raved about how wonderful Darren and Natasha's farm is lots on here. But I don't think I've ever mentioned that their wonderfully long driveway is lined with cherry trees. I'm eagerly anticipating those trees blooming so that I can get more pictures there. Well, on Saturday they were close. The buds were showing. And yesterday was the last guaranteed sunny day for quite a long time (according to the weather network, anyway!) so we decided to go see if those trees were ready for their photoshoot yet.

Of course they weren't.

So we stayed and played instead.

Riley nipped over to grandmother's house and brought all the kids icey snacks. Natasha and I sat on the porch and admired spring and our children.

These trees are going to be gorgeous. I just hope the weather cooperates so I can capture them on film!!

There's a monkey in the tree!

Playing Popcorn, their new favorite game!

And playing in the sandbox. I think I'm going to have to consider enlarging our sandbox. The kids love playing in there so much. do I keep the cats out...

Riley with her newest addition to the farm - a guinea pig named Darwin.

And David on Mayah's bike.

And when we got home, we saw that almost all of our seeds have already sprouted! Wowee! I don't even have plastic over them. Today the corn is already almost 2 inches tall so I can tell I'm going to have to get going on organizing my gardens!!


Anonymous said...

Howdy! Just sticking my nose in for a visit while on my lunch break! Looks like you all have been up to a lot of fun antics here lately. I love the close up pics of nature - you have a good eye for detail. I also thought the pic of Tink as a lumberjack was funny. :-)

As for a sand box... how about some sort of lid? Or what my dad used to do to keep cats out of the sand (for mixing with cememnt) was to put a plastic tarp over it and put bricks around the edge to keep it covered. Inexpensive and does the trick. :-)

Hope you had a great Easter!!

Amanda Jolly