Saturday, March 27, 2010

Veggie Explosion. Or Garden Renovation

I decided that my little veggie garden from last year wasn't quite to cut it for this summer. So I insisted that we build a little garden box to expand my territory. Only of course, I can never do things the easy way. So we started by looking at the lumber we had lying around. Then we decided to build a 12 by 6 box. But since we were putting our box on the lawn and we didn't to have buy dirt and have it brought in, we dug up the turf.

But then, again, rather than throwing away our turf, we decided that this hill could use it. pretty much only grows moss.

So I dug up the hill and tried to level it so that we could piece in the grass we were bringing from the other side of the yard.

Andrew and I took turns digging up that section and bringing over the grass. It took a LOT longer than I anticipated.

And of course, after we got the dirt all dug up it rained for about a week. So the next pictures won't show up for a while.

BUT, here's a picture of Ellie. She's been begging me to colour her hair red lately. We'll spend ages perusing the hair dye aisles. So I finally gave in and used some coloured hair gel to give her red 80s (90s?) hair. Lovely.