Monday, March 15, 2010

On Friday Andy and I got to go on a date. Which made two dates in ten days! That's unheard of folks! So exciting. But since we'd already seen a movie the previous week, we had NO idea what to do!

...okay, not exactly true. See, Sandra and Jane took me out for a birthday dinner to Wendells for Pizza so I knew about their very tasty pizzas. So we decided to start there and see where the night took us.

SO. Tasty.
There was a movie filming in Fort Langley, so we walked by. And then we ended up wandering around Langley for a few hours and finished the evening with dessert at White Spot. Which would have been awesome except that I ordered Apple Crumble with Ice cream. Which is usually my favorite, but they'd run out of vanilla ice cream so they brought it with chocolate ice cream. Which is just wrong.

But the rest of the evening was pretty awesome so I didn't mind too much.


Linda said...

great photos,looks like fun times.