Tuesday, December 23, 2014

After a very uneventful November...

If you look at my camera, we didn't do a whole lot in November. I believe that's because we were in the midst of Craft Sale Craziness. All we did in November was craft. That probably deserves a post of it's own, but maybe not today.

On November 29th, we finally got to see the Canyon Lights. I say finally because it's been on my Christmas to do list for many years. It was well worth the wait. We went on opening night and it wasn't bad. Also, it was very, very cold which made it feel more Christmassy somehow.

 Even the totem poles managed to look festive.

 The first thing we did was the cliff walk. It's so different at night time. Note to self: Don't wear fingerless gloves when it's minus seven out and you're going to have to hold on to a lot of metal railings. I think I almost gave myself frost bite. Live and learn.

 The lights were spectacular. And you definitely focus more on them than on the fact that you're hanging over a cliff edge. Because to be honest, you couldn't really tell how high up you were.

 The view to the suspension bridge is still breath taking, just in a different way.

 After the cliff walk and the short walk through the creek area, we made our way to a tent where they had cookie decorating for the kids.

Lizzie loves to do all of the things, so she was right in there.

 It took the boys a few more minutes to join in, but they like cookies so join they did.

 The finished product:

 Next we had to pose for pictures in the sleigh.

 All of us had to pose in the sleigh.

 Over to the side of the sleigh was a card making table. I promised Elisabeth that she could make cards once she'd taken a picture in the sleigh. But right after we'd posed, a huge crowd of people came into the tent and I forgot all about it. She did not. Cue warning music.

We continued on, stopping at the exit to the tent to discuss our plan of action. Let's tackle the suspension bridge next. And so off we went, paiusing here and there for pictures

 And then I grabbed David's hand, and a VOICE grip on the two Goldstone boys who weren't scared at all, and off we went. It was probably my slowest crossing of the bridge yet, mostly because the suspension bridge is SCARIER in the dark. Lots of swaying, you can't see anything, and SO MANY PEOPLE. But as you can see, the view from the middle is amazing.

As we came off the bridge, a young man came up to me and said, "excuse me ma'am. Have you lost a daughter?" Well of course not I said, feeling all self righteous and indignant. "are you sure?" "Yes! She's with Andrew. Right Andrew?"

 Well, you can see how that turned out.

Once I was done being ANGRY, and TERRIFIED, we got hot chocolates (thanks, Denis!) and continued on through the lights.

 And Elisabeth recovered too. We saw a REAL, LIVE owl. That has been on my bucket list for ever.

 Then crossed the bridge without losing any children, and went for a wander through the gift shop. Which is worth the price of admission all on it's own. I do love a good gift shop.

 Sorry you're so over exposed, Denis, but Nate looks so gosh darned cute!

 We listened to live music outside.Their band is always good.