Sunday, December 07, 2014

Thanksgiving in Penticton: Day Two

Day two was lovely. So we went on a bike ride. Have you been to Penticton lately? They had two very big windstorms a few years ago, and lost hundreds of trees. The community raised the money to replace the trees and build a park (or series of parks) along the waterfront. Isn't it beautiful.

From the waterfront, we headed to the canal. In the summer it's usually filled with people floating, but on this sunny October morning it was clear as glass.

As much as I love the greenness of the coast, I love the countryside in Penticton too. The brownness, the water, the HUGE skies.

 I really love riding my bike. Canya tell?

 We stopped for a picnic on the northern beach. It was almost desserted, except for geese and ducks.

 Then we turned around and cycled back towards dad's house.

 I had promised that we would stop at all the parks and play. So here we are at the first one. Even Grosspapa got in on the action.

I tried to take a nice picture of Grosspapa and his oldest grandson.

But then they got silly.

 And David punched Grosspapa in the gut to get away.

 Look how pleased he is with himself.

 So this first park was made to look very natural with rocks and rope and wood to climb and jump on and over.

 A little farther down there's another park with exercise gear. But then there's a final park with all kinds of crazy things to climb on, or over or RIDE ON. This is me and dad in the jeep :)

 Andrew tickling David through the holes in this thinger.

 And one more big sky shot.