Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Thanksgiving in Penticton: Day Four

So one great thing about being on vacation is getting to sleep in and have lazy mornings in front of the TV. Don't y'all wish you were this cute first thing in morning? I know I do.

I like to call these two my twins.

 So, I forget what we did in the morning on this day. Maybe we swam. But afterwards, we were heading Oliver for a flea market. First, dad made me look at this pretty spider.

 Dad took us the scenic route. Like I told you last time, dad takes us on all the back roads and scenic routes. This time we drove on the eastern side of the highway and we came upon a little park.

 There were trails all around the lake, but there were also signs that this area would probably be popular with bears so we didn't stay for very long.

In Oliver we found a really neat antique store. And outside we found a lovely blue wall that was perfect for snapping head shots. If only the subject matter would cooperate :)

 I didn't take pictures in the flea market, except for these next few. It was HUGE. A big ol' warehouse full of everything from jewellery to junk to antiques and everything in between. There were lots of toys too.

 But not a lot to capture Elisabeth's attention, so we sat by the bistro and snapped more silly pictures.

Afterwards we headed home for some pumpkin carving. I was more involved in scooping and degooping, so I didn't take many pictures here either. But suffice it to say, the pumpkin carving was a big hit. Once the pumpkins were carved, Dad and Andrew took David and Elisabeth to the playground while we got down to the business of cooking dinner.

And this wouldn't be a thanksgiving post if there wasn't a picture of the meal.

 And finally, our awesome pumpkiny friends.