Sunday, December 07, 2014

Thanksgiving in Penticton: Day Three

 Another beautiful morning dawned, so we did our practice walk for the Rock and Roll half.

 18 km later, and we decided to walk some more...It was market day in Penticton.

 This chief is standing outside the Penticton Tobacco shop.

And the graffiti below is all on buildings around our favorite bookstore.

 It makes for some pretty good spots to take pictures of people though. Here is my almost (at the time) 10 year old.

 Dad always finds the piggies.

 And finally, in the alleyway from the back parking lot through to main street.

 After a lovely lunch at the golf course, we went for a drive to show Andrew how much Penticton has been growing. Houses are popping up everywhere. I'm not sure I love how they build them hanging off the mountainside.

 Once you get into the mountains, there are deer everywhere. It's almost like being on the island!

 And the views are spectacular.

 Me and David kept hopping out of the car every few metres to take pictures. Or dance. You know, whatever.

 THIS is the mailbox house for one of the little subdivisions we drove through.

 It was such a cute little development. This is the main office building.

 From the east side of the building, we drove through to OK Falls.

 I've never seen one of these little libraries before. Apparently they're all over the place.
You can borrow a book at the beach, or if you finish one you can drop it off in there. Sweet deal. I think every beach should have one!

 This picture was taken with my fake HDR app. Love the detail.

 I wasn't the only one struck with the view here!

 Next we drove on the west side of the lake. Past my favorite ranch.

 Ain't it pretty.

 This structure is for hosting weddings and events. Crazy beautiful.

 We stopped at another beach for a photo op.

 While David read his book from the little lending library.