Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trip to Victoria - but only the pictures I didn't lose

So you know how I mentioned we had a really busy October? I wasn't joking.

After our long weekend in Penticton, we spent two days in Victoria visiting my brother and his family. I got some really amazing pictures of the trip. Unfortunately I lost most of my pictures somehow, especially all the cute pumpkin patch ones. I'll keep looking for them. In the meanwhile, here's some of the first day.

We started off with a really, really early ferry. Like when we got on the ferry, the sun hadn't risen yet. the kids didn't care though because they like playing on the ferry. 

Even though even the youngest of them is probably about 5 years too old for this play area!

Meanwhile, I would rather be outside. Even if I'm all alone.

When you're outside, you get to watch the sun rise.

The weather was truly spectacular. The views were amazing.

Once we were off the ferry, we drove to downtown. The first item on our agenda was a trip to the museum to see the viking exhibit. It was amazing. Not at all what I expected though. Lots of artifacts, and lots of history. Not very cartoony which is kind of more what I was expecting.

After we'd thoroughly explored the museum exhibits and watched two iMax movies (one on the Holy Land, and one Vikings. Both were really interesting. The one on the Holy Land explored Jerusalem from the eyes three young girls and why the city is important to them. Very interesting and if you ever see it in a theatre near you, I fully recommend it!)

We parted ways with our neighbors after the museum and headed to my brother's house.

We spent a relaxing evening and morning with them (I got to read Cara her bedtime stories and help tuck her into bed) and then on Sunday morning we drove out to a local pumpkin patch. Now I'm used to pumpkin patches being quite the experience, but this one was AMAZING!

Heartbreakingly, I seem to have lost all my pictures but you can check out the site here.