Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Thanksgiving in Penticton: Day One

We had a whirlwind October. Something happening every weekend (which reminds me, I need to download pictures from my camera...) Thanksgiving weekend, we headed through the mountains to spend Thanksgiving with my dad.

 We set off on Thursday afternoon, and as usual made a trip of the drive. Our first stop was Bridal Falls to run up to the falls and back. Obligatory group photo at the bottom of the falls.

 Cute little mushroom creatures hiding in the moss.

 We also stopped at Bromley Rock because it is beautiful, and Andrew had never been before. There is a campground here. I would like to camp here.

 This is the view along the highway where the campsites are. There is a current in the water here, and you could float quite nicely down the river.

But (below) is where there are the most calm (but deep) pools. I think you probably see a lot of people cliff jumping here in the summer.

 I think it probably took us five hours, but we finally made it to Penticton. Where everyone was glad to see each other and the good times commenced. More later...