Wednesday, December 24, 2014

And then we built a gingerbread house and other adventures

On Sunday the 14th we built a gingerbread house. Well actually two.

We bought premade kits and supplemented them with extra candy and had a little friendly competition...girls vs boys.

 Andrew chose our candy, and I'd say he chose very well.

 Unfortunately, it seems the boys are very thoughtful and meticulous whereas we girls dive right in without a lot of forethought.

 David decided he was gonna taste test a few things.

 So Lizzie followed suit.

 We decided to try out blogger Rachel's method of decorating first, assembling second. Turns out, that's a pretty genius idea. No more candy sliding off the house constantly!

 And it was pretty easy to assemble the houses afterwards. You can even add more icing for icicles on the roof afterwards.

And then that night Elisabeth danced in her ballet recital. So we all got glammed up for that, except David who hung out with Uncle Cody for the night.