Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Half Marathons

This blog post isn't about the kids, but Andrew and I are in the pictures so here's the post.

In January Kandace and I decided we were going to walk a half marathon. So we took a fitness walking clinic through the Running Room. And then we took a Ten K clinic. And another one. And finally we felt like we were ready for a half marathon clinic so we did 16 weeks of training and FINALLY in October, we finished our training and were ready to walk the Vancouver Rock and Roll Half Marathon.

With the walking clinics you walk 3 times a week. We met so many inspiring and encouraging people in our clinics and made some really good friends. Including Melanie who is the pictures above.

We had to go into Vancouver to pick up our race packs, and that's when we took these silly pictures.

 And then we had nothing left to do except wait for race day.

 My biggest fear about race day was that it would rain. Doing any kind of race in October in Vancouver, that's always a risk. Walking for almost four hours in the rain though? Unbearable.

Luckily, race day dawned dry and cool. Here we are ready to ROCK AND ROLL.

And here I am with Mel at the end of our race, complete with medals. She didn't know it at the time, but Melanie did her half with a broken leg.

 After that we wandered around until we found somewhere to eat. Enjoying the fall colours all the while.