Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More randoms

Here's some random happenings from December...

Kathi and I did another craft sale in December. Here's a sweet picture of Cody and Jade.

Then it was time for parades. On Saturday night we go to the Langley one, and this year they had face painting. Only Elisabeth was into it.

On Sunday we picked up our Christmas Tree at my new favorite BC tree farm (the one in Ontario trumps it by a million miles though). They have cute little village facades set up for picture taking.

 And a photobooth area.

 Then it was a five minute walk to the field. It was VERY muddy.
 And there were some very large trees.

 Denis was amazed with how wide the trunks were.
And Lizzie needed to measure to find the perfect tree.

We finally found the right tree for us. Not too shabby for $40, and my love of charlie brown trees.

The nice people at the tree farm brought our tree back for us on a wagon, while we waited around a fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Once we got our tree home, I needed a lie down (stupid sinus cold that won't go away), so Elisabeth decorated the tree for me.

Then it was time to parade again!

Parades make us somewhat silly/giddy.