Saturday, April 01, 2017

Sunshine Coast Day One

We were supposed to go to the Sunshine Coast for my birthday weekend, but the snow this winter threw off Lizzie's dance schedule, and that ended up being the weekend that she had her costume fittings. So we postponed for a few weeks and went over spring break instead.

Of course, instead of just going as a group of four or possibly five, this meant I brought 8 of us to invade my brother's place.

We missed one ferry by about 5  minutes, so we stopped in Horseshoe Bay for coffee (and almost missed the next ferry!)

The only time I've had a spring coloured sbux cup.

It was cold but I really wanted a picture of Horseshoe Bay. I took pictures of my people instead.

That ferry ride is SO short! We arrived on the coast and headed to Gibsons for a quick walk.

Everything I do is motivated by completing my homework assignments these days.

I love this old property.

Love the gates on this pier (dock? I'm not sure what you call it when it's short and intended for tying boats to).

So I took at picture of the family.

Then we did our little walk.

But by this time the teenagers and almost-teenagers were getting hungry. So we stopped at Wendys which surprisingly is the best place to accommodate everyone's diet. It took forever because I forgot teenagers eat 18 meals at one sitting.

When we arrived, Ruben was napping so we settled for some quiet activities.

Look at his fabulous hair. So jealous.

Not all of us were as happy to have their pictures taken.

Then Ruben woke up and joined me on my window seat.

I needed pictures taken in a bathroom or kitchen for homework.

This was my winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Okay so I'm a bit obsessed with Ruben's eyes.

Then it was time for makeovers.

Adelaide enjoyed watching the progress.

Then Jade did Ashlie.

David was not so in to it.

And then it was Larry's turn.

And finally, when everyone looked beautiful, the kids played board games.

And drank beer.