Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bike Ride Along the Fort to Fort Trail

We've been wanting to walk the fort to fort trail for a long time. And lately we've been going for strolls every evening after dinner. So one evening we decided to combine the two and walk (the kids biked) the fort to fort. Now we'd been at Derby Reach the previous evening and there was a nice cool breeze. We sat in the shade and it was quite pleasant. So I was probably counting on conditions to be the same as we set off on our stroll.

I was wrong.

It was baking hot in Fort Langley. BAKING HOT. Some of us were finished before we even began.

Though luckily there was enough to distract us so we'd keep plugging along...just a little bit further. (As an aside, we love watching the dragon boaters out practicing on the river in the evenings. One day, me and Tinky are gonna join a team.)

Oops. Another one bites the dust!

After begging the kids for "just 20 more minutes" we finally made it to the golf course. Not the most auspicious start, but then, it was hot, it was evening AND we didn't bring any drinks (I meant to. I just forgot to grab them as we got in the car). So we called it a day and started back.

Trying to get some moisture wherever we can...

Before summer's end, we're going to plan things better and finally walk this trail. Mark my words!