Monday, July 26, 2010

Whistler Day One: Part Two

So at Function Junction we turned right and headed up a logging road towards Cheakamus Lake. We didn't really know what we were doing so we stopped and studied a map and decided to do a short hike over the suspension bridge and up a trail to Loggers Lake.

Here's the road we drove in on (though this is a pretty tame stretch of it!)

And the river we crossed. Being places like this always
puts me in awe of the people who discovered North America. I can't imagine forging my way across this country like early settlers/explorers did!

The suspension bridge. It only swayed a little!

After walking a couple hundred meters along the river, we came to another parking lot and then a trail leading up the mountain to the lake. We knew we were on the right track because of all the kids carrying inflatable boats and mattresses up!

We finally made it! Ate lunch and watched people jumping/swinging into the river. It looked like fun, but I didn't fancy swimming in a crater full of log debris!

So we headed back down, prepared to head to our hotel.

But it sure is beautiful up here. It's hard to resist these hiking trails.