Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!

Appearances can be deceiving. For instance, many of you look at our pictures of going to the beach and message/comment/email about how jealous you are of our perfect life. Ha ha!

Some of our most spectacular fights have been at or about the beach. Some of my most childish sulkfests have been there too. It took a long time before Andrew learned to share and play with our kids at the beach. Well, maybe it's not quite that bad.

But yesterday. Oh yesterday.

You all know I'm big on festivals, parades, parties, fun. Right? Okay, well every year we (erm, I) try to think of something spectacular to do for Canada Day. YEARS ago my stylist told me about the Canada Day celebrations at Harrison Hotsprings. And ever since I've wanted to book a hotel room at the Harrison Beach Hotel, stay over night and spend the whole day on the beach followed by spending the evening on the beach and then watching the fireworks from our balcony. Perfect, right?

Well, except that it's a lot of money just to watch fireworks from a beach. So this year I had a brain wave.Why didn't we just go to Harrison (we'd have to get there really early to score a parking spot close enough to lug all our stuff to the beach), spend the entire day there, and then drive home after the fireworks. To my joy, Andrew totally went for my idea and we began to get ready.

Then I saw the weather reports. Oh boy. Rain, rain, rain and cold. NOT how Canada Day should be, nor how it has been the last several years either. I desperately tried to back out of my plan, but my lovely husband was having none of it.

Oh my. Well, we go to the beach all year long, so we packed lots and lots of clothes and blankets and off we went.

This is Elisabeth's I love you face. She says, "I love you mama" and then smiles. I love it!

I had to include this one cause it's the only picture of me from all day.

We got to the beach and my worst fears were confirmed. It was cold. Very cold. And it misted. My family swore they were warm enough and refused to leave. So I sat on one blanket, wrapped a towel around me, put an umbrella over my head and read. I was very miserable.

Apparently I was the only one. David found a friend in cute little Bella who followed him every where and happily chattered the whole time.

Andrew sculpted things out of the sand, with help from Elisabeth.

During the worst of the drizzle (it never did more than drizzle/mist) the kids carried their umbrellas into the lake.

Next time, I'll bring Elisabeth's swimsuit even if it is too cold for swimming.

I suggested to Andrew that I might be warmer if he'd bury me (I was seriously so miserable. I considered taking my book to the car and just staying in there all day. Then I gave myself a good talking to for being such a spoil sport.) Andrew laughed at me and then buried the kids.

My washing machine and tub got such a workout today!

Liquid sunshine.

All the little boys on the beach (whose parents were huddled under blankets/sleeping bags and cowering beneath tents and tarps - smart people!) came to watch Andrew and ask him questions.
A new kind of sculpture - a crab! Nice work.

I swear each fifteen minutes took hours to go by. Although by this time I was enjoying my mystery book and glad of the extra time to read it. Finally though it was four o'clock. Time to pack up, clean up and go see what was going on at the lagoon.

First stop: the playground!

Why does David look so concerned? I think like me, he was wondering why there was a group of not very talented teens playing loud music right next to where the mayor was opening the 2010 Canada Day celebrations at Harrison.

When the native dancing and speeches were over, we headed over for some free flags and CAKE!


Elisabeth loved eating the cake without forks (they were out). David, not so much. Doesn't help that, like his mother, he's not a fan of icing.

After the cake, we walked over to where the kids' activities were taking place. We watched the potato sack races and then the three legged races. While Andrew and David took part in the 3 legged race, Elisabeth helped organize everyone and judge.

Then it was time for the potato-spoon race. The kids were a little unsure of what they were supposed to do.

Ready, set, GO!

David's an expert!

"What do I do now?"

After the races, we walked down the strand to listen to music. And maybe hug some teddy bears along the way!

Showing some Canadian pride!

David saw this bike and said, "THIS is the bike I want!" I asked, "Because you could ride in the back?" "Exactly."

Finally, the parade started!

I guess my kids are used to big western valley parades. This one was a little too homespun for them. But I enjoyed it!

The evening entertainment. We watched them warm up while the kids danced.

And then finally, as we waited for the fireworks, my fambly went and got some Baskin Robbins.

The fireworks were amazing! I'd definitely do this again...if it's warmer next year!