Monday, July 19, 2010

Minter Gardens Classic Car Show

One of the highlights of our summer is always the Minter Gardens Classic Car Show. Thanks to Scott and Chadya for the gift certificate which purchased our season's passes and got us into this year's show. You can't imagine how much that has blessed us!

As we walked through the parking lot to the main entrance, we were (as usual) blown away by the flower beds outside of the gardens. One of the show stoppers was this amazing hydrangea plant. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Once inside, we gave David his camera to use. We don't often let the kids have a camera, but this car show is an exception. And I love seeing his perspective on the show!

I loved these old carriages. I can't imagine what it must have been like in the days before wind shields, heating, air conditioning and stereos.

An old woody wagon. These are one of my three all time favorite cars.

The Country Squire probably tops the list. If only because it combines a wagon (and all the awesome trunk space wagons have) with three rows of seating. Why did they stop making these?
I love how they staged this one. And I loved the paint job.

And check out all those stickers! This car was a beaut!

Speaking of my favorite cars, though. Why has there never been a Wagoneer at the car show? They round out my list and are a sweet take on the SUV. Love 'em.

Elisabeth was getting a bit bored at this point, so I had to distract her for a few minutes.

Lillies have never been high on my list of flowers. I'm not sure if it's because of their smell or the fact that when they pass their peak they're quite ugly. Still, I was wowed by them yesterday. I ended up taking more pictures of lillies than anything else.

Butterfly gardens.

Love this little convertible. If it had a luggage rack on the back (complete with picnic basket strapped on) I'd be in heaven...

This year's show was lacking in muscle cars, but they're not my favorite anyway, so I didn't care. I love the British cars and the old 50s and 60s cars. I wonder why my brothers have never come with us? Maybe next year.

Can you see the hummingbird?

What about Andrew and Tinky? Can you spot them?

We headed to the kids' area to cool down in the shade.

And then headed back up the trail to the wedding area.

Where apparently it was time to cool off again.

And then, while Andrew and I sat on the grass in the shade, our kids got married (much to the delight of several white haired ladies who were watching them!)

After that, there really weren't any more cars to look at. I can't remember if that's different from last year or not. I feel like it is. Still, by the time you crest the hill, you're usually ready to head out (tired and hot!) so we made our way fairly quickly to the bottom after that.

Maybe pausing to look at a few flowers on the way...

At the parking lot we pulled out our cooler and enjoyed a picnic lunch.

PB & J for the kids.

Dilly Egg Salad Sandwiches for the adults.


And fresh baked banana bread. YUM!

David was in a super kissy mood yesterday!

Can you spot the A&W root bear?

Later, we stopped at the old Milk Maid for some ice cream. They FINALLY had Pralines and Cream so I had some. Too bad it wasn't very good. I should have stuck with Plan A and had a green tea lemonade instead.

Scenes like this are what make me miss living in Chilliwack.

We drove around our old neighborhood, then headed to our favorite playground to play. Only there were big NO TRESSPASSING signs all over it (It's the playground of a preschool) so we decided to go to a nearby school instead.

And then we stopped at the Yellow Barn for some fresh corn on the cob and headed home. What a perfect weekend!