Monday, July 26, 2010

Whistler Day One: Part One

This morning we left for Andrew's annual staff conference in Whistler. We debated what time to leave, but finally decided to leave at nine so the worst of rush hour would be over. Dang that Port Mann traffic is pretty awful!

Just past Horseshoe Bay there was a view point. As it turns out, all the view points have had makeovers and these cute little gazebo things with information. There wasn't much of a view of the water from here (which was disappointing) but it was still neat to get out and stretch our feet and look at the rocks.

Elisabeth took me literally when I said we would stretch our legs!

David did some rock climbing.

Andrew joined in too.

BC is beautiful!

The new highway made a big difference! We zipped up to Squamish in what felt like NO time! We ran into Anna and Michael - David and Elisabeth's class mates at the Esso there. Then we kept going up to Whistler. If I had a twitter account, today's feed would have said:

- the drive is going by super fast today! We're making good time and should have plenty of time for a little hike!
- Not sure if I'm a big fan of logging roads...specially as this one drops straight into the Cheakamus River!
- Gonna try and make it to the Lake! Wish us luck!
- Hey - this isn't so bad! I'm even running...
- I think I'm gonna die. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all?!
- Logging trails aren't so bad on the way down.