Wednesday, July 07, 2010

When the Abelmans Came to Town (Part Two)

For Day Two of our adventure, we decided to check out Aldergrove Lake. Can you believe I'd never heard of, let alone been there before this summer? Aldergrove Lake is a gem in the rough! It's small, and the beach is pebbly, but for families with small children, this place is amazing! It's nestled in the middle of a forest, about 20 minutes from our house. There are picnic facilities, toilet and change rooms, and even a hot dog/ice cream vendor! Wow. Too bad it's slated to be closed soon.

As you can see, the kids loved the water!

Andrew's co worker, Lorrie, gave us some old skim boards. The kids were in heaven! David swam laps.

And splashed.
And Seth and Elisabeth clamoured around on the man hole covers (oh yeah, Aldergrove Lake is man made. A humungous concrete swimming pool. What an amazing idea!)

Seriously can not wait to go back!

When we got home, David and Jade played in the wading pool while Seth and Elisabeth played inside. Riley and Mayah went home with their dad (who commutes through Langley every day) while Seth and Tash decided to do one more night in Langley.

So we pawned David off on Jade, and headed to Andrew's office to kidnap him. While we waited, the kids went for a dip in the fountains (It's 11 years this year that I've been bringing kids to paddle in this fountain! Wow.)

Then we headed to Derby Reach to bbq dinner. Well...roast it actually. They need more fire pits with these picnic tables. Can you believe there was a lineup waiting to use the one that's open for day use?

Apparently, while these two were throwing rocks, the conversation turned to the future. And our two young'uns pledged their undying love to each other. That's right. Marriage.

Their future set, we resumed playing.

ahhh...young love.
Alas, even three year olds have their rocky moments. Little Seth was clearly exhausted by day's end and told Elisabeth that he only loved his mommy after all. As you can see, Elisabeth's little heart was broken.

Seth decided at bedtime, that maybe he'd been a little bit harsh. So before he could sleep, he had to sneak into Elisabeth's room and tell her that he was sorry, and he still loves her AND his mummy. And all is well in the world again.